Validating a federal tax id number

No one with common sense would accept a rubberstamped court order that the court will not authenticate or validate even yourself. President Trump, I now ask that you direct Attorney General Sessions and members of the House and Senate judiciary committee to provide this citizen with a copy of the constitutional amendment that your employees seem to rely on, whereby they can rape, rob, and pillage the economic fabric of our nation with unsigned per curiam orders destroying families, stealing businesses, and engaging in economic terrorism against our citizens’ base. President you would not allow your daughter’s house or your house to be taken with unsigned, forged, falsified, robo signed document. Millions of your fellow Americans are being disenfranchised of the rights, liberties, and property through the use of these unverifiable, forged documents.

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You need water for consumption, food preparation, and for sanitary needs.

Ensure that you have a large quantity of water stored away for emergency use.

But a well stocked pantry will do wonders for your psychology and the general attitude of those around you.

Consider adding all or some of the following foods to your preparedness gear. Packaged meals (macaroni and cheese, hamburger helper, Ramen noodles, etc.) 24. Fruit juices, teas, coffee, drink mixes Use this list as a starting point on beginning or extending your preparedness pantry- and don’t feel handcuffed to only stocking up on these items.

By the way, you can’t be arrested simply because you can’t afford to pay a debt.

(Warning, though, there are cases where consumers are jailed in connection with debts because they failed to appear in court after a summons was issued.) The Illinois Attorney General’s office says the bogus debt collectors they’ve heard about use a variety of names, including: Morgan & Associates, Federal Bureau of Investigators, DNR Recovery, DNI Recovery, Legal Accounts Association, Department of Law and Enforcement, Cash Net USA, America Legal Services, Quick Cash, and ACS.

And, of course, with a variety of dry goods and whole foods in your pantry you can more easily avoid food fatigue.

Freeze dried eggs and TVP will get old after a while, especially if you don’t have access to recipes that will help vary your diet.

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This information has been contributed by Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Cookbook.

This matter involves the failure of your subordinates to report crimes against America costing our nation in excess of trillion a year in illegal asset forfeiture and the transfer of wealth from the vast majority of our citizens to international bankers, national bankers, and their alleged legal representatives. President because of the emergency situation created by the fact that our judicial branch of government and legislative branch of government employees, agents and assigns seem to be disinterested with providing honest services to their employers, we the citizens of this nation, in return for the compensation and remunerations of the salaries and benefits they receive at taxpayer expense. President, I was forced to forward this through your Chief of Staff in hopes that you would actually receive it mainly because for the last 23 years I have petitioned through normal channels all my state representatives, all the state attorney general’s offices, all the administrative offices of the court’s, and all the judicial officers as well as the offices of law provision counsel and the offices of the House and Senate judiciary committees; numerous times to report what clearly appears to be treason against the Constitution by the courts, using unsigned orders and decrees which the court clerks refused to authenticate or validate the most recent event was Friday the 17 2. President, I am requesting that you and Chief of Staff take notice that our court system is broken and the House and Senate seem to care nothing about correcting it, investigating it, or reporting malfeasance of office of the sworn officers who are destroying the fabric of our great nation and inflicting economic and legal terrorism on me and millions of other Americans through the use of forged, unsigned rubberstamped purported per curiam orders.