Is nigel lythgoe still dating priscilla presley

The star said: "I really don't know how Elvis would feel about us having dinner together - he probably wouldn't be too sure. It's nice to know that Priscilla and I are still in touch after all this time." Tom also revealed that the pair bonded over his song 'Elvis Presley Blues' from his 2005 album 'Long Lost Suitcase', but that they don't spend much time talking about music.

He said: "I did a song on my last album called 'Elvis Presley Blues' and she liked it because she said it was a beautiful tribute to Elvis and she enjoyed it. But she's been a friend of mine since 1968 when I first met her with Elvis." Explaining their relationship, he added: "We were friends and Elvis passed away of course. "We've been in each other's lives for years and she is one of a bunch of people that I know in Los Angeles and we do hang out." Tom and Priscilla, 71 - who previously dated 'Pop Idol' boss Nigel Lythgoe for three years and enjoyed a romance with singer Julio Iglesias - first met in 1968 while she was still married to Elvis Presley and remained friends even after the 'Blue Suede Shoes' hitmaker passed away in 1977.

‘[Former President] Bill Clinton has a charisma that commands your attention.It’s the only time other than with Elvis that I’ve felt someone has had that,’ she said. Elvis always loved Tom Jones, admiring his voice and his stagecraft.Elvis later that year took Priscilla to see Tom playing at the Flamingo in Las Vegas — they flew in by private jet.The two men chatted afterwards backstage and Tom’s PR, Chris Hutchins, who was there, said Elvis told Tom how much he loved The Green, Green Grass Of Home and declared: ‘Man, that was terrific.It really is early days but they get on so well.’The Welsh singer, a judge on ITV’s The Voice, said: ‘We have been friends for a long time. We do enjoy our nights out together.’Priscilla has struggled to find a man to live up to Elvis.

Only last year she bemoaned that, having dated crooner Julio Iglesias among others, nobody measured up.After seeing you, I want to get back up on stage myself.’Hutchins added: ‘Off stage, Tom and Elvis enjoyed a close friendship, even exchanging rings.‘Elvis gave Tom a magnificent black sapphire (it later disappeared, along with a young lady, from his hotel bathroom), while Tom reciprocated with a tiger’s-eye ring that Elvis had admired.‘Another Presley gift was a small Bible, on the flyleaf of which he had written a message.The words certainly looked sincere, but no one was able to decipher his handwriting.’Elvis was, however, jealous of Tom Jones, often remarking on his tight trousers and saying: ‘He sticks a damn sock down his pants.’Tom tried to console Elvis over the loss of Priscilla, who had walked out on him in 1972 over his drug use and their virtually sexless post-baby marriage.Sir Tom Jones The 'She's A Lady' hitmaker has grown close to the 'Naked Gun' actress since his beloved wife Linda died of cancer last year, but insisted they are not in a romantic relationship.He told the Daily Star Sunday: "Priscilla is a friend of mine. But it's not true that we're dating or in a relationship. But good friends.' Meanwhile, Tom, 76, recently admitted he's unsure how Priscilla's late husband Elvis Presley would feel about them spending time together.Priscilla — who had married Elvis the previous year — astonished Tom by requesting his autograph.