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The best months for quality are October and November.

The sandbars from the multiple creek outflows are groomed and have yet to be pummeled by the heavy-duty NW winter swells, and Shorties is capable of spitting barrels and long uninterrupted lines when those conditions line up just right.

Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest.

The beach break offers both left and right hand waves.

These swell maps can be animated to show the different swell components, wave energy, wave period, wave heights, together with wind and weather forecasts, current weather and sea state observations from United States wave-buoys, passing ships and coastal weather stations.

Each of the forecast pages for this surf break feature a global and regional wavefinder tool to locate the best surf conditions in the area around Oswald State Park/Short Sands.

Definitely the most 'popular' break on the north Oregon coast (if not the entire state,) Shorties is probably where most people go to "learn" to surf in Oregon (and SW Washington) due to its close proximity to Portland, Oregon's most populous city.

In the fleeting Oregon summer or any time the weather is 1/2-way decent (which is more often than the common misconception,) the place is an absolute zoo starting around or a.m.

That said, even during the warmer months/days, if you're a trooper and can manage dawn patrol, you can usually catch the place almost entirely deserted for an hour or two in the early morning.

(The parking lot is 'open' at , but I've never been ticketed for pulling in at -).

It doesn't take long to spot them: most of them riding something by ...