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That's because a good hypnotist adapts to the person at every moment as they lead them into trance, and incorporates their specific reactions into the induction.

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To get the most out of these CDs, you need to be able to visualize vivid images, but like anything that improves with practice.

Medium Level: Track 2 of Elegance sets up triggers words used in Male Charm, and Vixen uses a more advanced version of those triggers, so it's best to train with Elegance before using CD4 or 10.

You do not need any skill at visualizing to use beginner level CDs, but using Trance Training will help you develop this skill.

CDs without links have not yet been released No matter how good a hypnotic recording is, it's never as good as a session with a live hypnotist, whether it's in person, on the phone, or online.

Some very analytical people also need a phone or online session to learn to go into trance before being able to use CDs fully.

CD 03 – Elegance * CD 06 – Happiness & CD 07 – Youth CD 08 – Freedom CD 09 – Envy CD 11 – Corset Diet CD 16 – Acceptance & CD 18 – Princess * CD 19 – Oral CD 23 – Effectiveness (*) CD 24 – Schoolgirl * CD 25 – Soft CD 26 – Sensitive CD32 - Sauna * CD33 - Choices (*) CD 04 – Male Charm (*) CD 10 – Vixen (*) CD 12 – Massage (*) CD 13 – Fempire (*) CD 14 – Elegance II (*3) CD 15 – Three Icons (*) CD 17 – Spy Baby I CD 20 – Uncursed CD 21 – Beach Body CD 22 – Memories CD 27 – S-Exchange & CD 28 – S-Exhibition * CD 29 – S-Tripper (*28) CD 30 – Spy Baby II (17) CD 34 – Host CD 35 – Room169 (*) Some CDs have pre-requisites, but I've realized there's a number of CDs that can serve as pre-requisite for other CDs, so I've added that to this table.

If you're not sure what you need, ASK, and tell Me what result you want. " are usually trying advanced CDs without having learned to go into trance in the first place.

No one can play mozart on their first music lesson.

Medium level CDs require that the person be able to visualize (such as remembering things that they've seen), but do not require that these imaginings be very vivid.